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Nonlinear systems, observers, output regulation, multi-agent, networked control systems, hybrid systems

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Téléphone : 04 72 43 18 63

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I was born in Moncalieri, Turin (Italy), in 1987. I got my BSd and MSc in Automation Engineering with honors from University of Bologna (Italy) in 2009 and 2012 respectively. Then, in 2013 I started a joint-PhD program, obtaining a PhD in Automatic Control Systems and Operational Research from University of Bologna (Italy) in 2016 and a PhD in Mathematics and Automatic Control from Ecole des Mines ParisTech (Paris, France) in 2016. From September 2016 to August 2018 I’ve been a Research Assistant (Post-doc) at the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN) in Nancy (France). At present, I’m a CNRS researcher (CR) at LAGEP, Lyon (France). 


58 documents

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