Control@Lyon Seminar: Prof. Michael Margaliot

On Thursday the 3rd of March, at 2pm,  Prof. Michael Margaliot from Tel Aviv University will give a seminar about a very interesting property “k-contraction”. Title, Abstract, References and link are below.

Title:  k-contraction: theory and applications
Speaker: Prof. Michael Margaliot, School of Elec. Eng. , Tel Aviv University, Israel

Abstract: A dynamical system is called contractive if any two solutions approach one another at an exponential rate. More precisely, the dynamics contracts lines at an exponential rate. This property implies highly ordered asymptotic behavior including entrainment to time-varying periodic vector fields and, in particular, global exponential stability  for time-invariant vector fields. Contraction theory has found numerous applications in systems and control theory because there exist easy to verify sufficient conditions, based on matrix measures, guaranteeing contraction.

We describe a geometric generalization of contraction theory called k-contraction. A dynamical system is called k-contractive if the dynamics contracts k-parallelotopes at an exponential rate. For k=1 this reduces to standard contraction. We describe easy to verify sufficient conditions for k-contraction based on a matrix measure of the kth additive compound of the Jacobian of the vector field. We also describe applications of the seminal work of Muldowney and Li, that can be interpreted in the framework of 2-contraction, to systems and control theory.

Wu, Kanevskiy, and Margaliot. k-contraction: Theory and applications, Automatica, 2022.
Wu, Raz, Margaliot and and Slotine. Generalization of the multiplicative and additive compounds of square matrices and contraction theory in the Hausdorff dimension,
Muldowney. Compound matrices and ordinary differential equations, The Rocky Mountain J. Math., 1990.
Thursday, Mar 3, 2022 2:00 pm | 2 hours | (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
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Date(s) - 3 Mar 2022
14 h 00 min - 15 h 45 min


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