Projet Européren Hycon

Catalytic direct hydrothermal conversion of biomass and lignites to liquid fuels and value-added chemicals

An innovative approach to coal to liquids conversion based on hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of biomass feedstocks and high-moisture European lignites is proposed. Building on earlier experiences in HTL, two key properties of water under hydrothermal conditions, water as a reagent donating hydrogen and as a solvent for coal, will be used to produce liquid fuels and value-added chemicals. An intensive experimental programme of batch and continuous catalytic HTL under inert and reactive atmospheres and liquid product upgrading will be carried out to advance technology readiness from the current level of 2 to 5, through independent validation of the process stages and conceptual integration.

Durée : 3 ans

Participants : M. Tayakout, N. Lebaz

Projet Europeen

01/09/2020 au 31/08/2023

Budget : 125k€

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    Paru le 12 mai 2023, Mis à jour le 16 mai 2023