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Implicit Port Hamiltonian control systems

The port-Hamiltonian (PH) approach is a very successful extension of standard Hamiltonian systems for the mathematical modeling of open, dissipative and interconnected multi-physical systems. The last decades have seen important progresses in the fields of structured modeling covering mechanics, electromagnetism, mass and heat transfer, thermodynamics with applications to robotics, mechatronics, smart actuators, chemical engineering and power systems. Numerous structure-preserving numerical methods adapted to the PH structure and controllers based on the assignment of the energy and power-flow structure in closed loop, have been developed for finite- and infinite-dimensional systems. Yet even if the PH approach has proven to be particularly well suited for classical engineering applications it has shown its limitations for the modeling of distributed parameter systems with implicit constitutive laws, for the implicit discretization in time and space or for control design using immersion/reduction approaches or closed loop implicit formulations.

Durée : 4 ans

Participants : B. Mashcke, U. Serres, B. Hamroun

Projet ANR

01/10/2021 au 31/10/2025

Budget : 140k€

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