CIFRE Boostheat

Eco-friendly thermal compressor: A dynamic model based control approach

BOOSTHEAT has designed an innovative thermal compressor: while in a positive displacement compressor, the kinematics of the mechanical parts set the laws of evolution of pressure and temperature, the BOOSTHEAT compressor is similar to a situation close to thermal compressors. dynamic effect. The thermal compression system developed by BOOSTHEAT has the particularity of exploiting thermal power, resulting from the combustion of a gas, to ensure the hot part of the Carnot cycle. In addition to this thermal power, thermal compression requires a small mechanical addition in the fluid displacer sense (no mechanical compression), coming from electrical energy to control the flow of the refrigerant. The objective is on the one hand to determine a dynamic model, used on the other hand for the development and evaluation of control lawq according to various performance objectives described (cost function, transition/weighting between objectives, various constraints and arguments of 'optimization).

Duration : 3 ans

Participants : P. Dufour, M. Nadri

Industrial Collaboration

PhD : Ali Salame

  • Dates
    Published on November 9, 2023