Thèse :Enabling local immune modulation using gene-based nanomedicine for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Keywords: Nanocarriers, nucleic acid, physico-chemical characterization, oral administration, in vivo studies

Aim of the thesis:
The aim of the thesis project is to develop a multifunctional therapeutic system that will enable oral delivery of oligonucleotides for the treatment of inflammatory bowel pathologies. A translation approach to develop innovative hydrogel-doped nanoparticle platform and to evaluate their efficacy in pre-clinical models will be pursued. Strong preliminary results have been already obtained regarding the development of nanosystems for gene delivery (patent FR2112931) and the establishment of pathological in vivo model. Moreover, in this project a collaborative working group involving researchers form the physico-chmistry area, pharmacists and clinicians has been set up.
The PhD recruited will contribute to evaluate the novel concept of oral nanomedicine for gene delivery, op-timizing the in vitro characterization and carrying out in vivo studies.
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