Design and development of multifunctional oral drug delivery for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Disciplines: Ingénierie pour le vivant
Laboratory: LAGEPP leaded by Stephanie BRIANCON.
Research team: GePharm.
Host institution: University Lyon 1
Doctoral school: Interdisciplinary Doctoral program in health-sciences (EDISS) – ED 205

Laboratory: The PhD recruited will be involved in both activites at the LAGEPP and Polymer Materials Engineering – IMP. The LAGEPP (Laboratoire d’Automatique et de Génie des Procédés et de Génie Pharmacéutique) is a research laboratory of the University Lyon 1 and the French national Institute for scientific research (CNRS UMR 5007). It develops pluridisciplinary research in chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and biochemical processes. The LAGEPP gathers strong competences in close collaboration with national and international research centers in industry and academia. The “pharmaceutical engineering” (GePharm) group has its strong expertise in drug delivery. The research encompasses several scientific domains as development of new drug delivery systems, physical chemistry properties, biological in vitro evaluation, in vivo biodistribution and efficacy in mice models.
Subject: We are looking for a motivated and pro-active student to be part of a major project in close collaboration with academic, industrial and clinical partners in the field of drug deliver. The PhD thesis is funded by the ANR project (2019-2022).
The role of the PhD student will be to design, characterize, and evaluate novel oral nanomedicines for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Specific tasks of the student will involve:
i) the design and development of nanoparticulate systems based on either FDA approved materials or new chemical entities to ensure the correct biodistribution after oral administration;
ii) in vitro-in vivo evaluation of targeting properties to specific pathological sites of the selected formulation;
iii) in vitro-ex vivo toxicity studies;
iv) in vivo biodistribution studies and efficacy study in different animal.
The student will interact with other students and researchers to establish research lines, communicate and discuss the achieved results. We offer a full industrial/academic training in the formulation and evaluation of nanosystems for drug delivery. Full support on the development of nanoparticles and in vitro, in vivo evaluation.

Required scientific skills:
 A master degree in Pharmaceutical sciences or Chemistry
 Experience in analytical skills such as HPLC, DSC, dynamic light scattering
 A very strong chemical background and preferentially experience in conducting small chemical reactions on polymers or particles.
Soft skills:
 A very innovative spirit and willing to be part of a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment
 A self-motivated person able to think “out of the box” and having a “problem-solving” approach
 Good presentation skills
 Fluent English is mandatory

Contact: Stephanie Briançon (, Giovanna Lollo (,
Please send to and the following documents: CV, motivation letter, two recommendation letters.

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