Spécialité :

Thermal process engineering, solid product elaboration, modeling and simulation, heat and mass transfer in wet porous media, transfer and phase change at interfaces, flow and transfer phenomena in stirred particulate beds

Compétences :

Génie des procédés, Procédés thermiques du solide (séchage convectif, séchage par contact, congélation, lyophilisation, cuisson), Transfert

Bureau : G218

Téléphone : 04 72 43 18 70

Biographie :

Position: Full professor at the University Lyon 1, France;
Affiliation: Laboratory of Process Control and Engineering, La Doua Campus, CPE Bldg, 69616 Villeurbanne;
Research field: thermal processing of solids, especially drying and freezing (hot air drying of vegetables, vacuum contact drying of pharmaceuticals, micro-wave assisted drying of ceramics, ultrasound assisted freezing of solutions);
Research aim: Process intensification by modeling and simulation with particular emphasis on modeling of heat and mass transfer within the wet product.


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