séminaires ‘Control’ de Marc Jungers et Vineeth Varma

le LAGEPP organise un séminaire dans le cadre “Control@Lyon

Pour ce qui ne sont pas encore partie en vacance, je vous invite au LAGEPP (Salle J. Bordet) vendredi 22/07/2022 à 10h00 pour les séminaires de Marc Jungers et Vineeth Varma, chercheures CNRS au CRAN (Nancy) :


Title: Robust stabilization to limit cycles of switching discrete-time affine systems using control Lyapunov functions.

Abstract: This talk deals with the robust stabilization of uncertain discrete-time switched affine systems using a control Lyapunov function approach and a min-switching state-feedback control law. After presenting some preliminaries on cycles and limit cycles, a constructive stabilization theorem is provided and guarantees that the solutions to the nominal closed-loop system converge to a limit cycle. These conditions are expressed in terms of simple Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMI), whose underlying necessary conditions relax the usual one in this literature. This method is extended to the case of uncertain systems, for which the notion of limit cycle needs to be adapted. The theoretical results are evaluated on academic examples and demonstrate the potential of the method over the recent literature.

Work with Mathias Serieye (LAAS), Carolina Albea (Univ Sevilla), Alexandre Seuret  (Univ Sevilla).

Vineeth S. VARMA, CR – CNRS, CRAN, Nancy

Title: Transmission power policies for energy-efficient wireless control of nonlinear systems

Abstract: We present an emulation-based controller and transmission policy design procedure for nonlinear wireless networked control systems. The objective is to ensure the stability of the closed-loop system, in a stochastic sense, together with given control performance, while minimizing the average power used for communications. The controller is designed by emulation, i.e., ignoring the network, and the transmission power is given by threshold policies. These policies involve waiting a given amount of time since the last successful transmission instant, as well as requiring that the measured wireless channel gain is above a given threshold, before attempting a new transmission. Two power control laws are investigated: i) a constant power and ii) a power level inversely proportional to the channel gain. We explain how to select the waiting time, the channel threshold and the power level to minimize the induced average communication power, while ensuring the desired control objectives.

Work with Romain Postoyan (CRAN), Daniel Quevedo (Queensland University of Technology) and  I-Constantin Morarescu (CRAN).


Date(s) - 27 Juil 2022
10 h 00 min - 13 h 00 min

LAGEPP Salle Jacques Bordet


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