Séminaire du Prof. Zhou  Huacheng, Central South University of China;

Prof. Zhou  Huacheng, professor at  Central South University of China;
Date: Friday 6th of December 2019 at 15h00
Location: Salle Bordet LAGEPP, Bâtiment CPE, 2e étage.
Title: Output feedback stabilization and output tracking for a wave equation with minimal boundary measurement.
Abstract:   For the output feedback stabilization and output tracking problems of partial differential equations (PDEs) with uncertainties, generally speaking, two objectives should be paid more attention.  The first one is to reject more uncertainties, the second is to use less measurement signals. In this talk, I will present an output feedback design method of using minimal boundary measurement for three unstable wave equations: the first has boundary  unstable item, the second has anti-stable item, and the last is within-domain feedback/recirculation of a boundary velocity, where the systems, modeling  typically the vibration control of physical systems, suffer from the internal uncertainty and external disturbance. By using two displacement measurements only (although the system is not exactly observable) the state observer  and disturbance estimator are explicitly constructed, andan observer-estimator based controller is designed to make the resulting closed-loop system exponentially stable. By using one displacement measurement only, a new controller is proposed to make the resulting closed-loop system asymptotically stable, and output tracking is achieved, provided that the disturbance is the harmonic disturbance with unknown amplitudes.

Date(s) - 6 Déc 2019
15 h 00 min - 16 h 30 min

LAGEPP Salle Jacques Bordet


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