Séminaire du Prof. Nathan van de Wouw : Balancing-based model reduction for delay systems

Le Prof. Nathan van de Wouw de l’Université de Eindhoven fera un séminaire le jour Jeudi 24 Octobre 2019 en salle E302 (Bât E – 3e étage).

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Title: Balancing-based model reduction for delay systems

In this talk, two approaches for model reduction of delay systems based on balancing techniques are presented.
In the first approach, a decomposition of the delay system dynamics is pursued in terms of a feedback interconnection between a finite-dimensional
linear system and a delay operator. Subsequently, the finite-dimensional part of the dynamics can be reduced using balancing techniques.
In the second approach, a balancing technique is developed on the basis of energy functionals that provide (bounds on) a measure
of energy related to observability and controllability, respectively, for the infinite-dimensional delay system.
These functionals are then used as a basis for model reduction for the delay system.
Benefits of these approaches are, firstly, the fact that the delay nature of the system is
preserved after reduction, secondly, that input–output stability properties are preserved and, thirdly, that
a computable error bound reflecting the accuracy of the reduction is provided. The effectiveness of the
results is evidenced by means of illustrative examples.

Date(s) - 24 Oct 2019
14 h 00 min - 15 h 30 min

CPE-Lyon – Campus de la Doua


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