type: Experimental setup

Membrane contactor

Preparation of nanocapsules, nanoparticles and liposomes. Injection of dispersive phase through a porous membrane. Membrane SPG (Japon), or membrane Kerasep (Novasep, France. Volume : 300 mL to 3 L.

Nano-precipitation Pilot

Jacketed glass reactor of 10L. Temperature control. Evaporation under vaccum. Injection via peristaltic pump (Flow : 22L/h).

Filtration cell

Filtration device, BHS Material = inox Filtration capacity = 1 litre Pressure =6bars Filtration device, by double jacket Internal diameter = 5 cm Cell placed on mobile stand  

Emulsification Reactor and static mixers coupling

SMX+ emulsification system Online mean size analyzer (Turbiscan®) Online monitoring of the droplet size distribution (DSD) by in situ video probe or FBRM Lasentec probe. Offline DSD analyzer (Mastersizer) Modeling the DSD by population balance equations (PBE), including breakup and coalescence kernels. Multiscale modeling: coupling PBE and Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict the energy...