Control of a distributed parameter process and mobile interface: application to extrusion processes

Etudiant :Mamadou DIAGNE

Ecole doctorale :Array

Directeur ou Directrice :B. Maschke

Financement :allocation ministère

Date de la soutenance :26/06/2013

Commentary :

The aim of the Ph.D. is the control of distributed parameters with a moving interface. Such systems appears for instance in models of extrusion processes. A simplified bi-zone model of such a process is used in this thesis. In the first part the well-posedness in the sense of existence of solutions is analyzed. In a second instance the control of the mass transport and position of the interface is suggested using a control model with state-dependent input-delay. Finally more general models re considered namely boundary port Hamitonian systems are extended in order to include a moving interface and the associated power-conjugated variables are defined.