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Sample Observations under vaccum Temperature  range :-196°C à +200°C Optical microscope LEICA DMLM lens x5 and x20 with digital camera. Freeze drying stage Linkam FDCS 196 controlled by a controller system « TMS 95 » and cooling pump « LNP ».

Temperature control Microscope Anacrismat®

  Static medium crystallization monitoring (2 to 5 ml cells). Monopuit with temperature control (peltier plate). Video acquisition (transmission). Temperature range: 0 – 80°C (precision +/- 0.1°C).

Video Probes: EZProbe-D25®L1200, EZProbe-D25®L220, EZProbe-D12-L800

EZProbe-D25®L1200 : diameter = 25 mm, field = 1300 µm×1000 µm, 50 images/seconde, 2.1 µm / pixel. EZProbe-D25®L220 : diameter = 25 mm, field = 220 µm×165 µm, 50 images/seconde, 0.3 µm / pixel. EZProbe-D12-L800 : diameter = 12 mm, field = 800 µm X 600 µm, 50 images/seconde. In situ monitoring of heterogeneous medium under stirring (emulsion,...

Membrane contactor

Preparation of nanocapsules, nanoparticles and liposomes. Injection of dispersive phase through a porous membrane. Membrane SPG (Japon), or membrane Kerasep (Novasep, France. Volume : 300 mL to 3 L.

Powder dryer, DN200-SCA200, PIGNAT

  Contact dryer under stirring and vaccum. Pressure range : 0-100 mbar. Temperature range : 20°C à 200 °C. Vertical cylindrical vessel of 8L. Monitoring of solvent content with reflectance probe, connected to IR spectrometer.

Atomizer Pilot Spray-drying and Spray-Cooling

  Suspensions spray drying. 2 operating modes : 2 modes de fonctionnement : – Spray Drying – Spray Cooling Max temperature input: 220°C. Spray gas: compressed air 3- 8 bar. Air flow : 30m3/h Nozzle tip diameter : 0.7mm. Possible particle diameter range : 1 – 25 μm Evaporating capacity: 1.5 kg water/hour.

Calorimetry Pilot

Polymerization. Conversion of monomer and polymers properties monitoring. Particles size monitoring by DLS. Control of the reaction kinetic (molecular weight, composition, particles size).