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Rheometer (MCR 302, Anton Paar)

Any type or combination of rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode Shear rate : 0.001 s-1 to 100 000 s-1. Temperature : -40°C to 200°C CTD 180 Oven Interfacial Rheology System

Franz-type diffusion cell

In vitro studies of skin penetration of exogenous substances. Determination of the release of the active from a topical formulation.  

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) TG209F1, Netzsch

  Automatic sample changer (ASC) for up to 64 sample crucibles. Temperature range : 10°C à 1100°C. Heating and cooling rates: 0.001 K/min to 200 K/min (temperature-dependent). Resolution : 0.1 µg.  

Differential Scanning Calorimeters, DSC Q200, TA

Standard or modulated mode. TzeroTM technology. Temperature range: -90°C to 550°C. Calorimetric Reproducibility (indium metal): +/- 0.05% Calorimetric Precision (indium metal): +/- 0.05% Temperature precision: ± 0.01°C. 50-Position Autosampler

Dynamic Vapor Sorption, DVS Advantage ET, Surface Measurement Systems

Gravimetric technique that measures how quickly and how much of a solvent is absorbed by a sample (Water vapor is most commonly used, but it is also possible to use a wide range of organic solvents). Sample mass: 10 mg to 1.5 g. Humidity range: 0 to 98% HR. Temperature range: 20°C to 85°C.

Water activity analyzer, FA-st/1, GBX

Direct measurement of the active or ‘free’ water in a product. Activity range : 0.1 à 1. Temperature range : 15 to 40 °C. Chilled dew point technology.