Phamaceutical Engineering


Key words : Nanoparticles, microparticles, Pickering  emulsions, microemulsions, liposomes, skin permeation, membrane processes, freeze drying, spray drying, spray cooling, tableting, powder, drying, hybrid particles, colloids, in vitro diagnostic, environmental analysis

The LAGEPP (Laboratory of Automatic Control, Chemical and pharmaceutical  engineering)  is a research laboratory of the University Lyon 1 and the French national Institute for scientific research (CNRS UMR 5007). It develops pluridisciplinary research in chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and biochemical processes. The LAGEPP gathers strong  pluridisciplinary competences in close collaboration with national and international research and development centers in industry or in academia.

The “pharmaceutical engineering” group has its strong expertise in drug delivery. This team is mainly working on the formulation of drug delivery systems for topical or parenteral  administration and diagnostic applications. The research encompasses several scientific domains and a huge part is devoted to physical chemistry and formulation: development of new drug delivery systems, physical chemistry properties and biological in vitro evaluation. Studies about skin behavior of drug delivery systems devoted to cosmetic or dermopharmaceutic applications are particularly developed, the LAGEP being equipped with high performance tools for in vitro skin assessment.

Three kinds of research works are carried out in the laboratory:
– Physico-chemistry and formulation: search for new drug delivery systems, characterization of their physico-chemical properties and in vitro biopharmaceutical evaluation. Encapsulation of drugs, contrast agents, actives… in polymeric micro/nanoparticles.
– Development of encapsulation processes and drying processes dedicated to particulate systems. Membrane processes are developed due to their ability to form calibrated emulsions and particles with a  continuous working. Drying of micro and nanoparticles is essential to guarantee the stability of these systems and their long term storage. Freeze drying and spray drying processes are studied.
– Development of solid dosage forms: tableting, drugs polymorphism, characterization spectroscopic characterization, controlled release.
– Bionanotechnology in vitro. Synthesis of colloidal reactive particles as biomolecules extraction support, as biological tracer, as transport systems…Interaction of biomolecules with these colloids.

Director of the Pharmaceutical Engineering, Professeur Bolzinger

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