Processes in Dispersed Media


Keywords: Crystallization, Granular processes, Polymerization, Emulsification, Freeze-drying, Drying, Online monitoring, Modeling


The “Processes in Dispersed Media” (PRODIS) team focusses on studying the processes of production, separation and shaping of solids, emulsions or polymers. These processes involve crystallization/precipitation, agglomeration, drying, freeze-drying, polymerization of liquid/gas monomers, or emulsification (in stirred vessels, static mixers, high-pressure homogenizer, ultrasound or membranes). The scope of the team extends from the study of elementary mechanisms (coupled mass and heat transfer, thermodynamic equilibria, solid phase transition, desolvation, polymorphism, free radical polymerization, breakup/coagulation and nucleation) to process monitoring and control in industrial context to achieve the desired use properties (particle / drop size distribution, polymorphic crystal form/facies, or the dispersion viscosity). Experimental tests, online monitoring, and modeling are the methods used to determine the key process factors and for process optimization, intensification, or process scale-up to industrial scale. The studied applications include specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, biologics, polymer coatings, materials for energy storage and effluent treatment.


The director of PES, Nida Sheibat-Othman

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438 documents

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