Non Linear Systems and Process


Scientific expertises:

Automatic, Nonlinear Systems, Observability and Observer Design, Control and Stabilization


The research topic of the SNLEP team concerns the theorical development and implementation of tools devoted to: Analyze, Model, Simulate, Control and Optimize Systems in Process Engineering.

Our theoretical developments are motivated by practical applications encountered through collaborations with industrial and academic partners. More specifically, our work focuses on model design and reduction, parametric identification and observation, diagnosis and control.

  • The Modeling concerns polymerization crystallization freeze and bio- processes. We exploit mainly heat balance and matter conservation law, heat and matter diffusion, mass transfer between phases and population balance in particulate processes to develop models suitable for simulation, observation and control.
  • Identification exploits tools coming from model predictive control and refers to experimental design in order to facilitate online parameter identification.
  • The observation topic refers to the design of algorithm to estimate online parameters and unknown quantities of the model.
  • Fault diagnosis refers to the detection of fault which is an unpermitted deviation of at least one characteristic property of the process from the acceptable, usual, standard condition.
  • The control topic focuses on the stabilization problem for finite and infinite dimensional systems, the tracking and control problem using optimization tools.

The chemical processes mainly concerned by the SNLEP team are polymerization processes, crystallization processes and drying processes.



 Director of SNLEP: Hassan Hammouri


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246 documents

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