Change of the date of the Seminar of Francisco Gonzalez

On 11 april at 14:00, in the Bordet room, Francisco Gonzalez, PhD student at LAGEPP, will give a seminar on his thesis work.
Title: Observer design for nonlinear systems with output transformation
Abstract: This talk deals with the problem of robust observer design for systems with nonlinear output. First, we discuss some of the available results on observer design involving nonlinear outputs and we review the notion of observer robustness in an input-to-state-stability (ISS) sense. Then, we present a new observer design that tackles the problem of (diffeomorphic) output nonlinearities arising from sensors. Indeed, a known problem in engineering applications is that the theoretical output might differ from the true measured output due to the presence of loaded sensors. Frequently, an observer design is only available when using the theoretical output. Our objective is then to re-design this observer to adapt it to the sensor. We establish small-gain type conditions ensuring the asymptotic convergence of the proposed interconnected observer. 

Date(s) - 11 Apr 2019
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

LAGEPP Salle Jacques Bordet


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