Seminar of Dragan Nesic 6th December

Date : 6th December 14h30 , J.B, LAGEPP

Title : Estimation framework for nonlinear systems with time scale separation

Abstract: The estimation of unmeasured variables is a central objective in a broad range of applications. This problem turns into a challenging task when the underlying model is nonlinear and even more so when additionally it exhibits multiple time scales. This research work focuses on generating an estimation framework for a nonlinear systems exhibiting time scale separation. First, we overview observer design for slow states of general nonlinear singularly perturbed plants. Then, we address the full state estimation problem by introducing a multi-observer approach or nonlinear systems with slowly varying-time parameters. Moreover, we propose a new estimation technique that leads to a switched observer for the estimation of slow and fast state.

Date(s) - 6 Dec 2019
14 h 00 min - 15 h 45 min

LAGEPP Salle Jacques Bordet


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