Seminar: Mathieu Bajodek

Friday 3rd of June,at 14:00, Mathieu Bajodek from LAAS will give a presentation.

Location: LAGEPP, Salle Jacques Bordet

Mathieu Bajodek, Phd student at Laas, Toulouse.

Title : Necessary and sufficient stability conditions for time-delay systems.

Abstract : This talk deals with the stability analysis of time-delay systems. Is it possible to extend linear finite-dimensional conditions, issued from spectral analysis or Lyapunov analysis, to linear infinite-dimensional systems ? The answer is yes but we can wonder if these conditions are tractable numerically. The main objective is to propose numerical criteria of stability, which can be implemented easily. For the case of time-delay systems, using augmented models based on Legendre polynomials and keeping track of the infinite-dimensional Legendre remainder, we are able to quantify the conservatism of the stability conditions. Therefore, necessary and sufficient stability conditions similar to those of finite dimension and dependent on the approximated order are proposed. Moreover, we are able to provide an estimation of the approximated order for which the test has to be performed.

Date(s) - 3 Jun 2022
14 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min


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