Seminar LyonGroningen: Pr Bernhard MASCHKE

Prof. Bernhard Maschke (LAGEPP) will give a LyonGroningen seminar on the 20th of January 14:00.

Title :An intrinsic optimal control problem for Port Hamiltonian systems and its turnpike behavior.

Abstract: We suggest an intrinsic optimal control problem of (linear) port-Hamiltonian systems  in which one aims to perform a state transition with minimal energy supply. We show that the set of reachable states is bounded with respect to a subspace obtained by decomposing the state space into dissipative and non-dissipative (or conservative) subspaces. We prove that the optimal control problem exhibits the turnpike property with respect to the non-dissipative subspace, i.e., for varying initial conditions and time horizons , the optimal state trajectories evolve close to the conservative subspace most of the time. By analyzing the corresponding steady-state optimization problem, we show that all optimal steady states lie in the non-dissipative subspace. We conclude this paper by illustrating these results by some simple example and give some extensions to larger classes of systems.

The link of the talk :

Date(s) - 20 Jan 2022
14 h 00 min - 15 h 45 min


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