LyonGroningen Seminar : Arjan Van der Schaft

The next LyonGroningen Seminar is given by Arjan Van der Schaft from the University of Groningen on the 3rd of February at 2pm. Title, Abstract and link are below.
Title: Algebraic constraints in port-Hamiltonian systems
Abstract: Algebraic constraints are ubiquitous in the modeling of complex engineering systems. From a port-based modeling perspective they are encapsulated in the Dirac structure of the port-Hamiltonian formulation. Another way of representing algebraic constraints is by replacing the expression of energy in terms of a Hamiltonian function by a general Lagrangian subspace. I will recall how both types of algebraic constraints can be combined, and how one may convert one type of algebraic constraints into the other; basically by the introduction of Lagrange multipliers. This will be first discussed for linear finite-dimensional port-Hamiltonian systems, and subsequently extended to the nonlinear case. Finally, I will indicate how these ideas can be extended to boundary control port-Hamiltonian systems on a 1-dimensional spatial domain.

LyonGroningen Seminar

Date(s) - 3 Feb 2022
14 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min


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