Constrained Dynamical Systems: Formalisms and Stability Analysis, Aneel Tanwani CNRS researcher of the LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse

Date & Location : Thursday 19th March in room Jacques Bordet, LAGEPP, 14h00

Title : Constrained Dynamical Systems: Formalisms and Stability Analysis

Abstract : In the modelling of several physical phenomenon, or implementation of algorithms, we have to consider the constraints on the evolution of the trajectories. With this motivation, this talk addresses continuous-time dynamical systems where the presence of these constraints introduces discontinuities in the evolution equation and leads to several interesting research related questions. To get an insight about this research direction, we will consider different mathematical models which model constrained systems and exhibit this nonsmooth behavior. Using the tools from the theory of maximal monotone operators, we will present how the existence of solutions for such systems is analyzed. After the overview of these fundamental notions, we will address questions related to stability analysis of such systems, and present some recent results on verifying stability using appropriately defined Lyapunov functions.

Date(s) - 19 Mar 2020
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

LAGEPP Salle Jacques Bordet


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