Fonction : Professeur

Equipe : DYCOP

Competence :

Dynamical modelling, parameter estimation : catalytic process, separation process

Bureau : G309

Téléphone : 04 72 43 18 67

e-mail : melaz.tayakout@univ-lyon1.fr M’envoyer un message

Spécialité :

Génie des procéd&eacut

Biographie :

Mélaz TAYAKOUT-FAYOLLE is a Full Professor with the LAGEP (Laboratoire d’Automatique et de GEnie des Procédés) of University of Lyon 1. She received her BSc in Physics and Chemistry and MSc in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Marseille. Her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering was obtained in 1991 from the University of Lyon.

She starded as an Associated Professor at LAGEP (Laboratoire d’Automatique et Génie des Procédés) of the University of Lyon. Prior to join IRCELYON as Full Professor, she worked three years as Research Engineer for IFPEN Compagny.

Since 1991, she has taught courses in chemical engineering, thermodynamics, mass transfer, dynamical modelling.
Her research area of interest include modelling of triphasic reactor: mass transfer, chemical kinetics of the complex matrix and thermodynamics, and design concepts in reactors. The complex matrix concerns the heaviest fractions of petroleumin in hydroconversion and hydrocracking processes.
Since 2014, she is a consultant for the Total Company.

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