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Steady thesis


Experimental study and modelling of the wet granulation process |

Encapsulation of curcumin by membrane emulsification: bioaccessibility and stability of curcumin-loaded emulsions |

Modelling of a continuous precipitation in the nuclear fuel cycle: a multi-zone approach coupled with population balance |

Rôle des acides gras polyinsaturés et du phospholipide bis(monoacylglycéro)phosphate dans l’infection à Leishmania infantum |


Stabilization of non-uniformly observable control systems and infinite-dimensional observers |

Distributed control of dynamical network systems – Application to a counter-current heat exchangers network |

Study and development of new catalytic processes based on elastomeric and structured supports |


Coupling of technology / sensors and digital modeling – mastery Process statistics |

Preparation of nanoparticles by precipitation / crystallization in inverse microemulsion |

Hydrogel doped Nanoparticles for the local treatment of IBD |

Préparation de différentes formes d’encapsulation des antihyperpigmentants naturels par des techniques membranaires. |


Optimization supervision and control of a rotary industrial process |

Innovative membrane contactors for crystallisation: applications to diffusion/reaction systems |

Development of polyurethane cellular foams for the intensification of processes. |


Modeling and Analysis of Non-isothermal Chemical Reaction Networks: A port-Hamiltonian and contact geometry approach |

Nanomedicines based on natural products for the treatment of tuberculosis |

Elimination of boron in seawater by coupled process ion exchange resins and microfiltration |


Preparation of polymeric nanoparticles for topical anti-inflammatory applications |

Protein-based nanoparticles: from preparation to pulmonary application |

Effect of cholesterol on the physical properties of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine liposomal membranes: application to tetra- and pentacyclic triterpenes. |

Thèse : nanoparticules protéiques et encapsulation |

Amélioration des qualités nutritionnelles des aliments par encapsulation des antimicrobiens naturels. |


Lipid nanocarriers for topical application in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis |

Study of the process of hydroconversion of petroleum residues in slurry phase |

Penetration and skin decontamination of actinides |

Study on the automatic control / regulation of hyperbolic nonlinear systems |

Analysis of inverse and direct problems in control theory |

Development of antibiotic-based ophthalmic preparations for the treatment of local infections |


Biodegradable sponge like microparticles for drug delivery and cosmetotextile |

Evaluating the effectiveness of CeO2 for the degradation and skin decontamination of an organophosphorus pesticide, Paraoxon |

New precipitation process for alumina synthesis |

Support acidity effects of NiMo sulfide catalysts in hydrodenitrogenation of quinoline, indole and Coker Gas Oil |


Structure and physicochemistry of surfactants, their impact on skin toxicity, barrier function and skin moisturization |

Cutaneous Penetration of Radiopharmaceuticals and Decontamination Strategies |

New applications of organic nanoparticles: from vectorization of a mixture of active ingredients through the skin to the development of an in vitro diagnostic test for allergy to perfumes |

Passivity Preserving Balanced Reduction for the Finite and Infinite Dimensional Port Hamiltonian Systems |

Dynamic modeling of a coupled heat pump system – thermal storage by phase change materials. Systemic approach and experimental validation |

Closed-loop parameter identification approach with an optimal control based on the observability analysis * |

Récupération d’énergie par cycle de Rankine à bord d’un véhicule : commande et gestion énergétique. |


Study of the antimicrobial properties of zinc oxide |

Pickering emulsions stabilized by biodegradable particles |

Dehydration of Theophylline: Static Gravimetric Analysis and Near Infrared Spectroscopy Monitoring of Vacuum Bed Vacuum Bed Drying |

Study and modeling of a continuous precipitation process in liquid-liquid extraction column |

Thermodynamic approach for the control of a nonlinear system of infinite dimension: application to tubular reactors |


Control of a distributed parameter process and mobile interface: application to extrusion processes |

A multi-scale physical model for the analysis of water electrolysis in proton exchange membrane electrolysers (PEMWE): ab-initio data to macroscopic observables. |

Stochastic approach for the study of reaction mechanisms in real charge hydrocracking reactions |


CO2 adsorption from synthesis gas: modeling the selectivity, capacity and ease of regeneration of new adsorbents (CO2 adsorption from synthesis gas mixtures: understanding and selectivity of new adsorbents) |

Récupération de chaleur par cycle de Rankine dans un véhicule poids lourd : optimisation topologique et commande |

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