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ANR ” Contacteur membranaire innovant pour la cristallisation : Application aux systèmes de type diffusion/réaction ” Partners LAGEP Abstract Crystallization/Precipitation is one of the major unit operations of chemicals process industries to produce, purify or separate solid compounds or products. Until now, the process reference, i.e. the stirred tank reactor, stays the current crystallization process....


“Multi-scale study and modeling of the properties of emulsions for liquid liquid extraction processes Adaptation of rupture and coalescence nuclei to industrial cases.” Summary: Confidential Date: 2016-2019

ANR Franco-Suisse “Thermopoly”

“Experimental and modeling study of ethylene polymerization in gas phase reactors: impact of thermodynamics” Date: 2016-2020 The aim of this project is to develop a fundamental understanding of the different phenomena observed during condensed mode cooling in ethylene polymerization, and translate this new knowledge into a sophisticated model able to predict the reactor performance. Accordingly,...


Type : French National Research Agency (ANR) Aims : The main objective of this project is to develop a flexible process adapted to a wide range of lignins with selective catalysts in order to get mainly aromatics in the liquid effluents for a potential industrial valorization. In order to achieve this goal, the hydroconversion of,...

Synthesis and analysis for system with limited information

Synthesis and analysis for system with limited information Participants au projet pour le LAGEP : Madiha Nadri, Vincent Andrieu, Ulysse Serres. Laboratoires partenaires: LAAS (Toulouse), Gipsa-Lab (Grenoble), LSS (Gif sur Yvette). Période : 2013-2017 Financement : ANR LimICoS (100k€)  

PickEP : Modeling of Pickering Emulsion Polymerization

Type: ANR Jeunes Chercheurs Période : 2013-16 Personnel LAGEP : N. Sheibat-Othman (coordinateur), Y. Chevalier Partenaires : LCPP C2P2 / Villeurbanne Abstract project PICKEP The aim of the present project is to develop a methodology for fundamental modeling of surfactant-free emulsion polymerization processes stabilized by inorganic particles, referred to as “Pickering emulsion polymerization (PickEP)”. The...


Type : ANR MATEPRO (2013-2017) Participants from LAGEP : N. Sheibat-Othman Abstract : Innovations in the design and scale-up of latex-based coatings technologies Partners :  LCPP C2P2 / Villeurbanne (coordinator) Arkema


Type : Carnot I@L Abstract : Synthesis and characterization of microspheres for tissue engineering of dental pulp.