ANR – AAPG 2018 JCJC: HyDNano

Durée :3 ans

Participants :Principal Investigator: Giovanna Lollo
LAGEPP - UMR CNRS 5007 University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

HyDNano: Development of a novel oral drug delivery platform based on Hydrogel-Doped Nanoparticles
HyDNano aims at developing an original hybrid system made of nanomedicine loaded into an hydrogel matrix to control local or systemic drug delivery following oral administration. This strategy represents an innovative and unique approach for achieving a controlled release of actives, via oral route, to enhance the residence time and contact of drugs with the intestine and to promote, using tailored nanomedicines, their interaction with epithelia membrane or the permeability. Key parameters as physical, mechanical and biological mechanisms governing the diffusion rate of nanosystems, release and permeation of drugs, through both hydrogel matrix and mucus layer, will be described. The in vivo proof-of-concept will be done in healthy and in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (chronic intestinal pathology) mouse model. The multifunctional approach here presented would lead to a more effective solution for mucosal oral delivery that could potentially reach clinical stages in shorter times.

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