Kinetic modelling of HTL oils production from lignite and biomass

Research project
Within the framework of the European HYCON project (, LAGEPP ( has the task of developing a kinetic-based model of the process intending to converting oils from hydrothermal liquefaction of brown coal and other wastes into higher
value added products. This conversion pathway involves hydroconversion or hydrocracking type reactions. The reactions are performed under hydrogen pressure and in presence of catalysts and will be carried out at IRCELYON (partner laboratory of HYCON project). The postdoctoral fellow will explore the reaction scheme of these complex liquids, will develop a modelling framework of the process and will estimate the physico-chemical parameters involved in the system. The experimental data will be provided by our partner IRCELYON.

– Chemical kinetics of complex media (thousands of molecules)
– Modelling of multiphase reactors (liquid-gas-solid)
– Thermodynamics (gas-liquid equilibria)
– Physico-chemical parameters estimation
– Involvement with the upstream and downstream partners of the project.

The postdoctoral fellow must have good knowledge on process engineering in general and skills on modelling of multiphase reactors will be appreciated. Given the context of the project, a good level in English is required.

Work context
The work will take place at LAGEPP and in close collaboration with our Polish, English, German, Greek and French partners, especially with IRECELYON. The HYCON project is funded by the RFCS (Research Fund for Coal and Steel) of the EC (proposal number 899471). A set of deliverables and reports will therefore be required.

To apply: CV and cover letter are to send to: and

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