“Innobiovir” platform for bioproduction and pharmaceutical formulation of vaccine antigens

The InnoBioVir platform is a synergistic alliance of research, training equipment and skills that aims to provide a global and structuring offer of technological research, initial and continuing education and services in the field of bioproduction and pharmaceutical formulations of vaccine antigens for healthcare manufacturers.

All informations : https://innobiovir.univ-lyon1.fr/

InnoBioVir aims to set up a technological platform for the bioproduction of vaccine and viral antigens in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to meet current and unmet industrial needs in research and training in a booming sector requiring the training of qualified personnel, innovative technological developments and advanced applied research. 


It includes two research laboratories, a technological research platform and two training structures:

–        the Virnext Technological Research Platform and the Virpath Laboratory (CIRI, U1111 INSERM – UMR 5308 CNRS – ENS Lyon – UCBL1), specialized in the engineering and optimization/development of industrial processes for the production of viral vaccine antigens (Dr. Manuel Rosa Calatrava)

–        the LAGEPP (Laboratory of Automation, Process Engineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering UMR 5007 CNRS – UCBL1), specialized in pharmaceutical engineering (formulation and processes) (Pr. S. Briançon)

–        the Institut de Pharmacie Industrielle de Lyon (IPIL), department of the ISPB-Faculty of Pharmacy of Lyon (ISPB) and its educational platform BIOTOP (Pr MA Bolzinger, head of EP)

–        the Department of Biological Engineering of the IUT Villeurbanne, its technological platform in cell culture and its pedagogical platform (Pr Karen Moreau)



These different laboratories and their platforms are combining and pooling their cross competences, their specific equipment and their complementary logistics, with the objective of focusing on two key technological needs of industrialists in terms of R&D and training: (i) the development, scale-up (from laboratory to preGMP) and optimization of new processes for the production of viral vaccine antigens and (ii) the pharmaceutical packaging of these antigens for the development and evaluation of new vaccine candidates produced in animal cells.


InnoBioVir is thus a structuring project that is fully integrated into the strategy of “intelligent specialization (DSI)” of our region. It will strengthen innovation and translational as well as technological research in the highly strategic field of bioprocesses and vaccine bioproduction.


Several LAGEPP colleagues are strongly involved in the project and collaborations are being built, thanks to the obtaining in 2019 of ANR METAVAC involving CIRI and LAGEPP in the University.


GEPHARM Team: Pr Philippe Lawton – Dr Almouazen

DYCOP/GEPHARM team: Dr Claire Bordes

PRODIS Team: Dr Claudia Cogne

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