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“Innobiovir” platform for bioproduction and pharmaceutical formulation of vaccine antigens

The InnoBioVir platform is a synergistic alliance of research, training equipment and skills that aims to provide a global and structuring offer of technological research, initial and continuing education and services in the field of bioproduction and pharmaceutical formulations of vaccine antigens for healthcare manufacturers. All informations : InnoBioVir aims to set up a...

DADY: demonstrator for research in Automation applied to process engineering

The LAGEPP is setting up a pilot / demonstrator to illustrate automatic work applied to process engineering. This multi-year project aims to produce a modular and scalable demonstrator in several stages. It will be able to gradually integrate the possibility of validating research work in automatic and process engineering themes, therefore between teams and disciplines....

Rheometer (MCR 302, Anton Paar)

Any type or combination of rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode Shear rate : 0.001 s-1 to 100 000 s-1. Temperature : -40°C to 200°C CTD 180 Oven Interfacial Rheology System

Franz-type diffusion cell

In vitro studies of skin penetration of exogenous substances. Determination of the release of the active from a topical formulation.  

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) TG209F1, Netzsch

  Automatic sample changer (ASC) for up to 64 sample crucibles. Temperature range : 10°C à 1100°C. Heating and cooling rates: 0.001 K/min to 200 K/min (temperature-dependent). Resolution : 0.1 µg.  

Differential Scanning Calorimeters, DSC Q200, TA

Standard or modulated mode. TzeroTM technology. Temperature range: -90°C to 550°C. Calorimetric Reproducibility (indium metal): +/- 0.05% Calorimetric Precision (indium metal): +/- 0.05% Temperature precision: ± 0.01°C. 50-Position Autosampler