Seminary: Dr. Weiwei HU

Dr. Weiwei HU, Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics University of Georgia, will give a seminar on Thursday 12 May at 14:00 in the Bordet Room.

Title: Control and Estimation of Repairable Systems Governed by Coupled ODE-PDEs

Abstract: Reparable systems occur naturally in product design, inventory systems, computer networking and complex manufacturing processes. A reparable system operates under a maintenance strategy which restores/renews system components whenever a failure occurs. These actions revise the overall function of the system. The first part of this talk focuses on optimizing the availability of a multi-state repairable system through optimal maintenance strategies. Availability is defined as the probability that the system is operating properly when it is requested for use. The mathematical model of the repairable system is governed by a distributed parameter system of coupled transport and integro-differential equations. Our design of optimal maintenance strategies essentially leads to a bilinear control problem set in a nonreflexive Banach space. The second part of the talk focuses on failure rate identification. The objective is to identify the system failure rates based on the sampled-data of the probability of the system in good mode. Rigorous analysis is presented and numerical tests are conducted to demonstrate our ideas and designs

Date(s) - 12 May 2022
14 h 00 min - 15 h 15 min


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